Learn to Speed Read

Six Tips on How to Learn Speed Reading

How to Speed Read
How to Speed Read

For an average person, every day they come across a thousand of words. Be it a text book or a newspaper, most of the people wish and hope that they could be able to read faster. If you have a high reading speed, you will be able to take in a lot of information within a shorter amount of time. Here are six killer tips on how you can learn to read faster.

1.  Read: Finding your normal current speed should be the first thing to do. Read a particular block of text while timing it. Have a book plus a stopwatch. Use your current reading speed as the base speed.

2.  Scan your text by breaking it into smaller blocks: Whatever material you are reading, to have an easier scanning, always develop a habit of breaking your text into smaller blocks or chunks.

3.  For pertinent verbs and nouns, practice scanning: Those faster readers always have the habit of training their eyes to pick out verbs and nouns so as to be able to discern a document’s content without necessarily having to read each single word of the text. By doing this, they will be allowed to comprehend the text’s main theme in a span of a fraction of the time than they would have used in reading the text word by word.

4.  Use your hands to read: If you read by following your hand or finger, it will greatly assist you in improving your reading speed. Doing this helps to prevent you from going back to read or even jump ahead. It also assists to keep your eyes always on the move. 

5.  Gauge your progress by timing yourself. To be able to gauge your progress well, try to time yourself at least on weekly intervals. Ensure that you get a word count that will work for you and then apply that number when reading magazines, newspapers and other lighter materials or even heavier materials such as technical books and manuals. To be able to determine any gains you might be making, always test yourself in speed reading training.

6.  Practice: You won’t become a speed reader overnight. Ensure that for everything you read, consciously apply your speed reading skills so as to gain overall speed and also comprehension. If you develop it as your habit, within no time, you will find yourself unknowingly improving your reading speed.

Applying these great tips when learning speed reading, it will be a catalyst in your training. For more information on a great speed reading software, check out our 7 Speed Reading Review.